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High frequency and intermediate frequency super audio scale

High frequency and intermediate frequency super audio scale scavenger

Performance and use:
This product adopts the latest research achievements of foreign science and technology. In view of the principle of scale formation, the imported raw materials are refined. The specialty is used in high frequency medium frequency super audio heating equipment system to remove scale, dirt, oil stain and so on. It has the function of strong and thorough cleaning. A protective film can be formed on the metal surface of the heating system after cleaning, so as to reduce the erosion of water to metal when running, and achieve the best effect of equipment heating and prolong the service life of the equipment.
Usage method:
The water in the system is cleared away, and the water is washed and washed in the system. Then the product is diluted by water 5-8 times (total volume depending on the heating system capacity). The forced circulation cleaning time is 1-2 hours, and the static soaking cleaning time is 5-7 hours. After cleaning, remove the waste liquid in the system, rinse the residue 2-3 times with clean water and rinse the residual liquid until it is washed, then it can be put into operation.
Matters needing attention:
This product is acidic, when used, please wear rubber gloves, in case of skin, that is to use a large amount of water to wash.

High frequency and intermediate frequency super audio scale
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