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Bonding with induction heating

Since the early 1990s, Hongchuang has been at the forefront of developing induction bonding solutions. No wonder then that today we are recognized as a leading supplier of solutions to speed up curing processes for bonding in Europe as well as in the Americas. 

We offer full ring bonding and spot bonding. In both cases, the benefits of induction are considerable. The heat is, for example, highly accurate. No problems with excessive temperatures in surrounding areas, which can lead to misshapen components. And it's delivered in seconds, significantly speeding up production and saving energy. 

Our induction bonding solutions are mainly found in the automotive industry, for example for induction bonding of door, hood and trunk panels. Induction is also used for electrotechnical purposes such as bonding of curved strands, break shoes and magnets, as well as within the white goods sector for bonding of guides and rails, shelves and panels.  
Bonding with induction heating

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