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Portable induction heating machine 3p

Portable induction heating machine 3p Functional characteristics:
- used in refrigeration, HVAC industry, automobile industry, household appliances industry, medical equipment industry etc.
In the adaptation process: air conditioning and refrigeration valves, pipe fittings, solar refrigerator parts, compressor parts, washing machine (pipe and pipe connections, pipe, pipe and valve connected with the shell), connecting motor, compressor and evaporator auto parts in short circuit ring brazing process
In the complex and inaccessible for hand-held workpieces or workshop position can be realized by induction brazing, small volume, space saving, convenient movement and simple operation
- DSP digital control, realize the multi segment heating curve programming, the heating time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds, to achieve a variety of operating parameters, rich interface, storage equipment operating parameters
- improve production capacity: fast, easy to heat transmission performance, accurate and repeatable and consistent productivity
- improve the working environment: no fire, no gas and no heat radiation, so that operators are more comfortable and more friendly working environment. This can not only improve production capacity, but also protect the natural environment
Can let you do more work: multi functional portable mobility and application allows you to achieve a variety of heating tasks
- cost reduction: efficient and accurate heating means that you can get things done. Reduce waste, rework, and energy consumption to a minimum
Portable induction heating machine 3p
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3. Hardware products: Free warranty during the warranty period, replacement of damaged spare parts, free spare parts during equipment maintenance; software products: free upgrade, troubleshooting, etc.; installation and commissioning services: free installation of software and hardware products.
Pre-sales service
Pre-sales service: According to the customer's needs, we provide you with project design, process design, and develop the equipment and equipment that suits you.
In-sale service: Accomplish the acceptance of the equipment with you, assist in the preparation of the construction plan and detailed process.
After-sales service: The company sent technicians to the site to guide the installation, commissioning and training of operators.
24-hour telephone service and regular service as usual.
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