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Folk quenching method: the simplest method of quenching

Folk quenching method: the simplest method of quenching That's it!
1. First burn the iron block and soften it, which is convenient for shaping.
2. Hammering while firing
3. Finally, immerse it in cold water and burn it again.... Repeat 5 times or more
4. To make the high temperature phase of the steel - austenite transform into a low temperature metastable phase - martensite during cooling, the cooling rate must be greater than the critical cooling rate of the steel. During the cooling process, there is a difference between the surface and the cooling rate of the core. If the difference is large enough, it may cause the portion larger than the critical cooling rate to transform into martensite, and the core smaller than the critical cooling rate cannot be converted into The case of martensite. In order to ensure that the entire section is transformed into martensite, a quenching medium with sufficient cooling capacity is required to ensure a sufficiently high cooling rate in the core of the workpiece. However, the cooling rate is large, and internal stress is caused by uneven expansion and contraction of the inside of the workpiece, which may cause deformation or cracking of the workpiece. Therefore, we must consider the above two contradictory factors, and reasonably choose the quenching medium and cooling method.
In the cooling stage, not only the parts are properly organized, the required performance, but also the dimensional and shape accuracy of the parts is a key part of the quenching process.
Or buy our heating machine to heat the object and put it in cold water. Repeat several times better.

Folk quenching method: the simplest method of quenching

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